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As many of you know, it’s been a fast-paced journey this year. I’ve been having a wonderful time picture-taking for cookbooks, collaborating with other creative types and becoming a mother to a beautiful baby Tillie!
Over the course of last four years, the Loaf Story has become more than just a food blog; it’s a collection of my life stories, travels, family & friends. Hence I decided to move operations under the and mother umbrella and I would love if you joined me there;

new website: (coming soon!)


I would like to say thank you to those who continue to check in here. It really means a lot!

Hope to see you all over at

xo, Marta

Hello Bump!


I’m very curious about how you all feel about something……what are your thoughts on announcing a pregnancy?

Did you tell anyone early on?  Just a few?  Or did you share the exciting news with every breathing human being that crossed your path? 

I’ve had some time to think about announcing my pregnancy.  And I tell ya, now I just want to tell everyone.  Yes, at 3 months the risk for miscarriage is still there, around 3%.  But you know what, I don’t really fear a miscarriage. (No, I do fear it!). But I think the joy of announcing outweighs the fear of possible loss. The loss would be devastating whether I announced it or not, so why not enjoy that moment?
And if God forbid the worst happens, I’m going to need all the well-wishes I can get. I don’t mind those dear to me knowing my joys and struggles. I really feel like those who love us will rejoice with us and grieve with us. I find that incredibly strengthening and humbling. People simply have this amazing ability to lift you up and help you heal after those losses and being alone would never be an option for me.

So here,  with overwhelming excitement I shout from the rooftops: Yay! I’m pregnant!!! Nothing wrong with extra support and prayers!
And this baby? I love him or her so much already! Three months of love is growing at an exponential pace and I’m absolutely honoured to tell you all about it!

Going forward, expect a lot of pregnancy related posts in 2016; what to eat, what to wear, how to tell your dog she’ll be a Big Sis :)

xxx, Marta

Gone detoxifying


Long story short: I was put on a diet for 2 weeks! Eeeek! And not just any diet. One of the crazy ones; fruit-and-veg-only diet. I was told that I need to recharge and rejuvenate my system. Apparently my body needs to come out of what might be called “civilisation disease”. There’s no vacuum or mop needed for this little ritual. It means eating fruits and veggies only which push everything thing else out of your system. You get the picture! Today has been day #7.

Here is the diet: for 14 days, I eat 500-600 kcals, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no fat, no protein, no alcohol, no meat, no fish, no coffee – shall I continue? Instead, I can eat only grapefruits, apples, kiwis, lemons, watermelons and all veggies, except potatoes, beans and chickpea.

Today has been day 7 and I feel I have already emerged from the experience with a new healthier feel and a few lessons which I’ve decided to share with you;

#1 Starving yourself really sucks for two days … and then you get used to it. I should clarify: this diet doesn’t really require you to starve yourself, you can technically eat as much as you want. But what you’re eating isn’t that filling, what you want you can’t have hence all you think about for first two days is how stupid it is that you can’t even have chia pudding, which always seemed like the healthiest thing you could eat. And then, on day #3, something changed. Perhaps I was already so sick of apples and carrots that I’d lost interest in the concept of food entirely. But more likely, it was simply that weird evolutionary principle that humans can get used to anything. And it’s why, after only 48 hours, I was already starting to accept eating like a rabbit. And I stopped being hungry. You get used to it!

#2 Going completely without coffee requires a massive revamping of your daily habits. I love a good cup of coffee. Going totally “sober”, for health requires very strong will! 

#3 I could never be a vegetarian. I could never be a vegetarian simply because meat is just too tasty, even when you take away all the butter, sauces and stuff it’s usually drenched in. Tastiness however is relative. For the first few days, I hated everything I ate, because I still remembered what a steak tasted like. But by day #4, I’d forgotten whatever happiness I once knew. 

#4 I’ve come to appreciate apples (with cinnamon!). Just as I would save the chicken on my plate to reward myself for eating the broccoli (as a child of course), I began to save my precious apples with cinnamon for dessert.

#5 Herbs save your butt. This diet has taken me on a culinary history trip to a time when most food was bland and terrible, and herbs were the grand cover-up. You wouldn’t think it, but a butternut squash soup (no stock!), seasoned with a handful of fresh dill isn’t half bad. 


#6 It’s important to pick a diet that fits your style. To stick with any diet, that diet has to match a person’s personality. I don’t think I could permanently cut down on chocolate or Bunsen Burgers, but to give all of them up entirely for two weeks is now like a dare. 

Recapping full details of these past 7 days in one blog post is not going to happen, however you should be able to get the gist that it’s an adventure, with waves of confronting thoughts to leave you empowered to make new choices. My one and only goal has been to make an effort to clear my body of toxins. Yes, it has been painful at times but boy has it been frickin eye-opening, enlightening and a true experience that has taught me so much about myself. I feel like I’ve figured out why Plato and Socrates and Gandhi did it – the clarity of thought, the peacefulness.
As far as whether I’d do it again, well… we’ll see.

Urban getaway: Oslo

Kon-Tiki Museum

Ah Oslo, you feel like such a far away dream at this point. Were we actually there, just a hair over a week ago?
Whenever an opportunity comes up to travel to a cool city we’ve never been to and it involves food, sightseeing, meeting people and lovely AirBnB apartments, we get on that shit.
And so Kuba and I spent a few days (or 67 hours, to be exact) in Oslo, for the very first time in life.
Going to Norway in February was very pleasant: it was -10 alright but the sky was blue and sun was shining throughout the entire 3 days of our stay.
In short, we loved our husband-wife getaway: walking along the Oslo harbour, visiting museums & galleries, caffeinating and meeting creative people.
Although I brought my Nikon, I didn’t put it to much use, so all I have are these sporadic iPhone shots from the short three days we were there.

It was easy to fall in love with the aesthetic of our AirBnB apartment. I’m a sucker for minimalist decor and wooden floors (as you probably all know by now). We didn’t get to spend too much time enjoying the apartment, but I’d love to stay there again if I find myself in Oslo again. Below are some iPhone snaps in and around the apartment.

I really feel that there’s nothing quite like a walk through streets of Oslo and art museums to get the creative juices flowing again. Especially the harbour scenes were more glorious than I had imagined.

My favourite moments were the ones when we were caffeinating and meeting wonderful people (lovely Julie Ilona Balas of Julies Matblogg and Ludo), and a dog, which by the way has its own Instagram profile :)

And after we successfully caffeinated, we headed downtown to check out some shops which I very easily fell in love with!

Ah, will I ever stop to sing the praises of Oslo? Simply put, it was by far one of the best city I’ve ever been to. Oh, I’ve been spoiled all right!
Of course I am already scheming of how I can get back there because our short time there was such a tease!

xo, Marta

New Year, New Blog


Happy New Year everyone!

It’s me! Previously Cook it Eat it Love it! :)

Why a new name? Why the “Loaf Story”?

As many of you know, it’s been a fast-paced journey this year. I’ve been having a wonderful time cooking & picture-taking for Good nutrition cookbook, collaborating with other creative types and visual story telling with food taking the centre stage during my travels.
When I started this blog in early 2013, I did not have a clear vision about what to write and just chose a name that came to Jakub’s mind quickly, “Cook it Eat it Love it”. Over the course of last two years, this site has become more than just a food blog; it’s a collection of my life stories, travels, family & friends. Hence 
I decided to move operations under the Loaf Story umbrella and I would love if you joined me there;


I would like to say thank you to those who continue to check in here. It really means a lot!
I wish everyone a great start and that 2015 may be a healthy and blessed year for you and all your loved ones. I would love to hear what you guys think about this new look and name! 

Off to a fabulous New Year 2015!
xo, Marta