Kon-Tiki Museum

Urban getaway: Oslo

Oslo, you feel like such a far away dream at this point! Walking along the harbour, visiting museums & galleries, caffeinating and meeting creative people. Oh, we’ve been spoiled all right!

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New Year, New Blog

Why a new name? Why “The Loaf Story”? Since 2013 this site has become more than just a food blog; it’s a collection of my life stories, travels, family & friends. So here I am, brand-new starting off to a fabulous New Year 2015!

Apple pie recipe

Apple pie

Have you ever noticed that whenever you make a cake, those eating it just can’t resist commenting on the moisture levels. This easy apple pie recipe always score well on the moisture scale and should be washed down with cup after cup of hot tea on a lazy autumn afternoon. “mmmmmm” guaranteed :)

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